School of Dentistry Wellness Clinic

A partnership between UTPhysicians and the UTHealth School of Dentistry, this all new clinic seeks to meet the needs of the community for high quality primary care


Each year, the UTHealth School of Dentistry (UTSD) sees approximately 20,000 new patients in our clinics.  Many of these patients do not have access to appropriate medical care and therefore suffer from undiagnosed or poorly controlled medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There is clear evidence that poor systemic health can have a negative impact on oral health, setting these patients up for a continuing cycle of oral and systemic disease.  



UTSD and UT Physicians (UTP) are working together to help break this cycle.  A new UTP primary care clinical facility, housed in UTSD and staffed by UTP practitioners, has been established.  By providing UTSD patients with ready access to needed medical care and to health promotion activities, this new clinic supports the UTSD commitment to our patients that goes beyond the oral cavity.  It also supports our commitment to train students who understand and embrace the importance of “treating the whole patient” through collaborative interactions with other health care providers and health promotion activities.  


Your gift to this collaborative clinic can impact our patients, our students and our Houston community in the following ways:


• Providing patients, especially those from underserved and vulnerable populations, with access to primary medical care services in UTSD;

• Improving the overall health of our patients through health promotion and wellness activities;

• Offering UTSD students real world, hands-on interprofessional practice and education (IPE) opportunities



With your support for these and other opportunities that will be offered to our patients and students through this new clinic, we can further advance UTSD’s vision of “Improving oral health…..improving overall health”.   


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