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Whether we are training the next generation of health care leaders, successfully performing complicated surgeries, or developing  life-saving treatments, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth seeks to revolutionize health care and improve the lives of our community members. As part of this quest, we are affiliated with several inpatient hospitals and outpatient facilities, providing a broad range of clinical services.  


Your generosity drives our progress. Gifts of all sizes help us embrace our commitment to excellence in education, patient care, and research. By giving, you empower us to revolutionize medicine in ways that were unimaginable a short decade ago. You challenge us to continuously enhance health care and extend life around the world – and we proudly accept your challenge.


If you are looking for the 2019 McGovern Medical School White Coat Sponsorship Campaign, more information can be found in the Participating Groups section below. 


This versatile, current-use fund acts as our annual fund and is available at a moment’s notice to support high-impact initiatives in the areas of research, patient care, and education. When you donate to the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you keep McGovern Medical School at the forefront of health care while supporting the students and faculty who embody our mission.


As the seventh largest medical school in the country, we are confident that tomorrow’s health care leaders are sitting in our classrooms today.  When you support scholarship funds, you help launch these future leaders toward their goals. Scholarships allow students to remain focused on their futures and their studies rather than on financial burdens. It is exciting to watch students work toward their goals, and it is humbling to know you are helping them reach their potential. Join us in preparing them to be the leaders our community looks to for health care in the future.
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Research Match
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