School of Biomedical Informatics


The health care industry has an ever-increasing amount of data that, if used correctly, could improve or even save lives. The once-simple medical record — those color-tabbed folders you once saw stuffed into rows of filing cabinets in the back of your doctor’s office — has evolved into a powerful digital tool that can be used to improve individual patient outcomes, as well as population health.


Our school is a recognized world leader in finding solutions to navigate and manage this tsunami of information, also known as “big data,” for the purpose of improving patient care. Our faculty conduct leading-edge research, using this massive amount of data to improve health care delivery and to make biomedical discoveries, while training the next generation of leaders in the health care revolution.


By making a gift of any size, you become part of our school’s story as we work to harness the power of big data to ensure safer, better, and more cost-effective care.


By supporting the Dean’s Excellence Fund, which acts as our annual fund, you provide important, flexible resources.  Available at a moment’s notice, this fund supports high-impact endeavors like critical research and educational initiatives. In doing so, you improve health care for your community.


Training tomorrow’s leaders is one of our greatest priorities. With our distinction as the only freestanding school of biomedical informatics in the U.S. and position in the world’s largest medical center, we are uniquely able to apply the study of informatics specifically to health care. When you support scholarships, you give us a competitive advantage in recruiting high-quality, passionate students, and you provide these students with an opportunity to become a game-changer for health care without being encumbered by financial stress.
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