Genetic Counseling Program


Genetic counselors work with families to help them understand and cope with the complex medical options and decisions they face. At The Genetic Counseling Program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, we support our students in every way possible, knowing they will impact many lives through their work. In addition to providing students with a top-tier education and experience in the world’s largest medical center, we offer them as much financial support as possible. Unfortunately, funding is often limited. 


Currently, our students bear the vast majority of the financial responsibility for their thesis research projects – which may mean paying out-of-pocket for expenses. Gifts to our research and education fund could offset these costs for students, allowing them more freedom in deciding which projects to pursue. In addition, these donations could help students attend life-changing conferences that provide career-defining networking opportunities.


When you make a gift of any size, you support student education and research efforts and our program as a whole. In doing so, you support the next generation of genetic counselors and the families they will one day serve. 

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