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Dental care has a profound impact on overall health. Did you know oral infections can adversely affect major organs like the heart and brain, and untreated dental diseases in children can cause them to have problems with eating, speaking, and learning?


As the first dental school in Texas, we set the bar for dental excellence more than 110 years ago. And every year, we continue to set new standards in the field of dentistry because of supporters like you. We are dedicated to education, research, and patient care because we believe in the incredible impact of oral care. We even made it the focus of our vision statement: Improving Oral Health… Improving Overall Health. When you make a gift to the School of Dentistry, you help equip us to meet tomorrow’s challenges today and enhance the standards of excellence we have kept for over a century. Behind each student we train, patient we serve, and discovery we make stand donors like you who have a passion for the community.


Acting as our school’s annual fund, the Dean’s Excellence Fund is one of our most valuable resources because of its versatility. This flexible fund is available for use at a moment’s notice to maximize our greatest opportunities related to research, patient care, and educational initiatives. No matter the size of your gift, it is a powerful investment in the future of oral health care and the overall health of our friends, families, and neighbors.


Because of the relationship between oral health and overall health, it is important to have well-trained professionals in the field. At the School of Dentistry, we are instilling best practices and advanced knowledge in the next generation of leaders so you and your family can continue to have quality care for years to come. Behind our students stand supporters like you who believe in making an impact. When you fund scholarships, you launch students toward their goals by allowing them to focus on their studies rather than on financial burdens.
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