We only have 24 hours to make an impact on the future of health care and we need YOUR help! 

We know that people are most likely to make a gift when asked by a peer or friend. As an ambassador, you help create excitement about UTHealth Houston Giving Day by sharing about this special 24-hour fundraising event with your friends, families, colleagues, and classmates. 

The basics

Ambassadors are the sparks that fuel UTHealth Houston Giving Day. They inspire others by sharing about UTHealth Houston and the difference we can make together. Here's what we ask of our ambassadors:

  • Make a gift on Giving Day (Tuesday, April 2nd) to the people, places, and programs that mean the most to you.
  • Amplify our message by posting on your social media with the hashtag #UTHealthHoustonGivingDay and sending personal messages with your unique referral link to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to support UTHealth Houston with you.
  • Track your impact and watch how many gifts you bring in from your personal network!

Ready to get started?

Make it official by entering your email in the box to the right. You'll receive an email directly from Scalefunder, our Giving Day platform, with further instructions.

Once you’ve completed your signup, you’ll have access to your ambassador dashboard. There, you’ll find a toolkit with sample messaging and graphics to share, as well as FAQs, tools for navigating your dashboard and how to set up your unique referral link.

Not ready to be an ambassador? That's okay! Access our social media toolkit here and start sharing with your networks today.