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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about UTHealth Houston Giving Day 2024.

What is UTHealth Houston Giving Day? 

UTHealth Houston Giving Day is a 24 hour fundraising event held on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Throughout this event, alumni, students, faculty, staff, family, and friends of the institution come together to support the many faces of UTHealth Houston. By getting involved with UTHealth Houston Giving Day, you can make an impact on the causes you care about and join our mission to improve health in our communities.

Why should I participate in UTHealth Houston Giving Day?

Your generosity will positively impact individuals and families throughout our communities by supporting UTHealth Houston’s initiatives in health education, research, and patient care. Philanthropic commitments of all sizes combine to ignite innovation and drive discovery across health care. 

How do I get involved in UTHealth Houston Giving Day?

You can support UTHealth Houston Giving Day in several ways:

1. Make a gift. Support a cause you care about by visiting our giving page on Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

2. Become a UTHealth Houston Giving Day ambassador! Channel your passion for improving health by sharing the many ways to make a difference on UTHealth Houston Giving Day. Visit our ambassador page to learn more.

3. Share UTHealth Houston Giving Day with your friends and family. Share the post below—or a similar one—on social media to spread the news about UTHealth Houston Giving Day. And don’t forget to include a Giving Day image or a photo of your own that highlights your #UTHealthHoustonGivingDay story.

Today is #UTHealthHoustonGivingDay, and you can make a difference by joining the many faces of @UTHealthHouston to support health education, research, and patient care! Visit givingday.uth.edu to learn how you can help shape the future of health care.

Who can participate in UTHealth Houston Giving Day?

Anyone can participate! You do not have to be affiliated with UTHealth Houston to be part of UTHealth Houston Giving Day. Whether you are a community member, student, faculty, staff, patient, or one of our alumni—or if you just have a passion for improving health—we invite you to join us in making a difference.

What counts toward UTHealth Houston Giving Day?

All online gifts or pledges made on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, will count toward UTHealth Houston Giving Day 2024. In addition, all mailed gifts designated for UTHealth Houston Giving Day and postmarked by April 4, 2023 will count towards the overall fundraising total for the event. Mailed gifts will not be eligible to participate in any matches or challenges as those are strictly reserved for online gifts made directly to the website on Giving Day. 

What are matches and challenges?

Matches and challenges are the most effective tools to encourage people to give and provide opportunities to make an even greater impact for a contribution. Often sponsored by alumni and community donors, these are opportunities to maximize your gift’s impact by unlocking additional dollars for programs or departments across UTHealth Houston. A complete list of challenges will be available on our challenges page during UTHealth Houston Giving Day. 

Not sure where to make your gift on UTHealth Houston Giving Day?

Giving to the President’s Excellence Fund or any of our school’s Dean’s Excellence Funds allows flexibility to help in all areas, from research to scholarships, to specific student and faculty needs, and to other opportunities that advance our mission. These are great unrestricted funds to support on UTHealth Houston Giving Day!

I don’t see my preferred gift designation. What do I do?

If you don't see your preferred gift designation, follow these instructions to write-in your desired fund designation on the donation page:

1. Under the "Programs" dropdown menu, please select "Support Another Area at [School Name] or [UTHealth Houston]".

2. Under the "Fund Designation" dropdown menu, please select "Other".

3. Write in your preferred gift designation in the provided text box. 

If you have further questions about your gift designation, please email giving@uth.tmc.edu.

I have a question about my gift, my confirmation email, or my receipt. Who do I contact?

Please contact us at giving@uth.tmc.edu.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Donors who make a gift online will receive an email confirmation from Scalefunder, our Giving Day platform, acknowledging their donation. A physical receipt from UTHealth Houston will also be mailed for tax purposes. Donors who make a gift by mail will only receive a physical receipt. 

Is my UTHealth Houston Giving Day contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Gifts made to the institution on UTHealth Houston Giving Day are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Is there a minimum donation? 

Yes, there is a $5 minimum donation.

Will my name or donation be visible online? 

When you make your donation online, you will have the opportunity to make your name and/or gift amount anonymous when you reach the "Donor Wall Settings" portion of the donation page. Otherwise, it will appear publicly. Gifts received through the mail will be uploaded to the donation site following the event and will be listed with an undisclosed gift amount by default unless otherwise notified.

Are matching gifts accepted?

Yes. Donation matches offered by your employer can double the impact of your gift! Some employers may also match gifts made by the spouses of employees. You can use our gift matching tool or check with your company or organization to see if they will match your gift. If you have any questions about making a matching gift, please contact us at giving@uth.tmc.edu.

Can UTHealth Houston employees give through payroll deduction? 

Yes. If you are interested in giving through payroll deduction, please email giving@uth.tmc.edu.

Still have questions?

Contact us at giving@uth.tmc.edu