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Improving Houston's Health


With the knowledge of six schools to draw upon, UTHealth Houston is well suited to address the broad health issues that confront the large, diverse, and rapidly growing city of Houston. 

Our researchers are collaborating across the university and with our Texas Medical Center partners to tackle the most complex health challenges of our time. This leading-edge exploration empowers us to take discoveries from the laboratory right to patient bedsides, where our clinical experts work with cutting-edge technology to deliver compassionate care. Our world-renowned faculty are also passionate about inspiring the next generation of health leaders to carry on this patient-centered approach. 

Celebrating our 50th anniversary, UTHealth Houston has deep connections throughout the community, and our experts work closely with these partners to serve all Houstonians. We create and deliver vital public health projects, and our faculty and students bring health care and education directly to underserved populations. 

Your contribution today, in any amount, will enable us to take even greater strides toward making our city and our state shining examples of exceptional care, medical breakthroughs, advanced education, and community wellness.

Our Top Priorities

Children's Learning Institute

Children are our greatest treasure, our finest hope, and our most important responsibility. The Children’s Learning Institute at UTHealth Houston is dedicated to helping all children reach their full potential. We take cutting-edge advances straight from our research labs and put them to use in clinics, schools, and homes, enabling greater learning for all children, especially those most in need. Your support, in any amount, will empower this ongoing work to help children learn without limits.

COVID-19 Center of Excellence

The impact of COVID-19 has been staggering and will likely reverberate for many years to come. The COVID-19 Center of Excellence at UTHealth Houston brings together leaders from across our six schools to continue tackling this ongoing challenge by optimizing treatments and improving prevention. With expertise in adult and pediatric care, public health, biomedical research, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, the center is well-suited to continue advancing our understanding of this virus. With your help, we will make even greater strides in our research and deliver better patient outcomes.

Geriatric Care

To address the unique health challenges of older adults, UTHealth Houston draws on expertise from across the university for an innovative, interdisciplinary focus on geriatric care, education, research, and community outreach. Our health leaders are advancing this field with bold innovations, from technology that ensures patients take their medication promptly, to expanding telehealth to make care more accessible, to reducing elder mistreatment by connecting patients and families with vital resources. Your support, in any amount, will help us continue to make aging a healthier and happier time of life.

Heart Health

With contributing factors like diabetes and obesity on the rise, more people than ever are in danger of developing cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. Experts at UTHealth Houston are tackling this challenge with a focus on scientific discovery, education, and clinical care. We are delivering better outcomes with innovations in preventive treatments, cardiac imaging, and surgical techniques, but more work needs to be done. Your support will propel our efforts to create better health for people facing heart disease.

Population Health

Our health is largely determined by the world around us, so disparities in our environments impact our bodies and minds. We must build population-wide strategies to confront challenges such as unmanaged chronic disease and limited health care access. At UTHealth Houston, we are marshalling our broad range of experts and our partnerships throughout the state to prevent and treat complex concerns–from cancer to diabetes to obesity—as well as increase care to underserved populations. We strive to become the nation’s preeminent site for population health research, with local models that can be adapted to apply solutions across the country. Your commitment, in any size, will empower us to improve lives throughout our communities.

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