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Advancing Brain and Behavioral Health


A growing number of people struggle every day with anxiety, depression, and addiction, disrupting not just their lives but their whole families. Our communities also face rising rates of strokes and Alzheimer’s disease, making it clearer than ever that we need bold, new advances in these fields.

With 50 years of experience, UTHealth Houston is committed to becoming the region’s leader in care, research, and education for brain and behavioral health. Experts from across the university are developing and delivering better treatments to patients with chronic and acute neurological conditions, providing adult and pediatric therapies to make help available to all. To ensure a continuum of high-quality care, we are also committed to training the next generation of practitioners and innovators.

Your gift today will take us farther along the path to making Houston a beacon of hope for people around the world facing brain and behavioral health challenges.

Our Top Priorities


For the three million Americans with epilepsy, UTHealth Houston provides hope through one of the most advanced epilepsy centers in the country. Our experts pioneer medical and surgical treatments, provide compassionate care, and synthesize big data analytics to improve diagnoses and outcomes for even complex, difficult-to-treat cases. Our medical teams also educate tomorrow’s leaders to continue this tradition of excellence. Your support, in any amount, will help us to bring hope and healing to those facing this challenging illness.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases can strip people of their movements, thoughts, and memories, leaving them and their families in great need. At UTHealth Houston, our leaders are expanding the edges of our understanding of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and more to better provide for these patients. Our world-renowned experts are developing new technologies in gene editing, stem cells, and other leading-edge fields to slow the progression of these diseases and open the possibility of one day reversing them completely. Your partnership will bring us closer to making this possibility a reality.


An increasing number of people in Texas are facing the debilitating, life-threatening challenge of a stroke. Experts at UTHealth Houston are discovering groundbreaking ways to return patients to health, taking recent findings from laboratories and delivering them quickly to patient bedsides. We provide a continuum of care from immediate acute needs to rehabilitation and long-term concerns. Our health care teams go out into the community to serve at-risk populations, and our renowned faculty equip tomorrow’s neurology leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to combat this disease and improve patient outcomes. With your support, we will tackle this vital challenge and bring healing to patients and hope to families.

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury 

Traumatic brain or spinal cord injury can devastate a person’s life, causing paralysis, chronic pain, or memory loss. Neuroscience leaders at UTHealth Houston draw from the expertise of our six schools to deliver new ways for these patients to heal. Researchers are pushing the boundaries of our understanding, from revealing how stem cells can preserve neurological function to examining the relationship between hormones and the brain’s responses. Your partnership will enable our experts to continue researching leading-edge treatments, providing exceptional clinical care, and training tomorrow’s leaders in brain and behavioral health.

Mood Disorders

The world is often a dark place for people suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. Almost one in five adults face one of these challenges, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated mental health conditions for many. World-renowned brain and behavioral health experts at UTHealth Houston bolster our knowledge and broaden our treatments–ranging from therapies to stimulate regions of the brain that regulate mood to better alternatives for treatment-resistant depression. Our investigators take cutting-edge research from the lab and bring it directly to patients, improving outcomes for those struggling. We are working to provide quicker diagnoses, new therapies, and better access to care for all, and with your help, there is no limit to the healing we can bring our communities.

Substance Use Disorders and Addiction

Addiction can destroy people’s lives and bring challenges to families and communities with its potential for disruptive behavior, poor health, increased crime, and overcrowded public institutions. Our experts are making care more accessible and effective for patients with substance use disorders who are often stigmatized. The multidisciplinary team at the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addiction translates discoveries into evidence-based treatments that they deliver right to clinic patients, and the Houston Emergency Opioid Engagement System (HEROES) goes out into the community to bring long-term help to people with addiction. Your support, in any size, will propel this vital work forward, bringing healing to patients, families, and entire communities.

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